Healing Stories

Aspiring entrepreneur on a phobia to catch an infection, 35 y. Hands disinfected 15-20 x day. Several traumatic childhood episodes had to be faced to find out roots of this behaviour pattern. Emotional space for unexpected changes was created. Belief established that changes might lead to a space of harmony and joy. Hands disinfection brought down to 1-2 x day, trusts in own immune ability to use public transport. For courage and trust.

Senior IT professional on body odour at work to avoid embarrassment & limitations. Odour minimized significantly, interactions at work and in private became comfortable. To connect with own environment with harmony and peace, for a better life.

Established business owner – with pain after a knee surgery and fear of damage again. A perception of the unknown as something dangerous was shifted. Trusts again his own judgment. Enjoys skiing now. Freedom and self-empowerment to move beyond limitations and fears.

Professional athlete on stagnating performance. Childhood trauma episode and relationship to peers reconciled. Performance improved, moved one league up. For stretching own limits on what is possible.

PhD student on getting stuck and in panic to submit her PhD thesis. Unresolved conflict situations are balanced and forgiveness work (forgive others and be forgiven) took place. Joy and inner peace re-established, academic paper delivered on time. For pure energy and joy of creativity.

Subject matter expert on an anxiety after bankruptcy of his parents and on financial safety, 35 y. Feeling of being punished and jealousy toward others transformed. Job promotion with higher income secured. For inner peace and joy to tust life.

Senior IT manager with digestion pain for better health, 40 y. Emotional situations related to take in unwanted emotional and mental input transformed, pain at minimum. Physically and socially active again. For expansion and personal transformation.
Full-time mother of four children on anxiety to leave children alone, 40 y. Feeling of guilt and anxiety towards the future were transformed. Place for letting go and trusting uncertainty was created. Now at peace leaving kids home if needed. For inner peace and better life

Executive in marketing on chronic pain, 30 y. with severity level 8 of 10. Pain reduced from 2 of 10, now active professionally, physically and socially. Traumatic childhood episodes were transformed. For more inner space to pursue dreams of own life.

Senior citizen 70 y., with some complications after a surgery. Worked with a changing attitude towards healing and self-empowerment. Recovery was accelerated and progressed steadily. For better health and better life.

Men and women, single & in relationship, 25 y. – 80 y., children and teenagers on chronic pain, allergies, fears and anxieties, surgery preparation and after surgery recovery, stagnating performance – feelings and thoughts transformed leading to new ways of reacting and coping with their bodies and their environments. For inner peace, joy with better health and better life.