Methods of Transformation

Pranic Healing ©

‘Pranic Healing © is a body-mind-emotions method that uses mindfullness techniques from ancient spiritual principles and energetic techniques. It boosts and nourtures (emotional, mental, physical) self healing and self empowerment.’ Touch-free method with immediate results.
By Master Steven Co, teaches with Tony Robbins.


‘PSYCH-K ® is a neuroscience based modality to work with subtle energies of body, mind and feelings. It bridges science and ancient spiritual practices to communicate with the subconscious mind. It transforms past events and changes limiting beliefs quickly and sustainably.’
By Dr. Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams.


Yoga is a body-mind-emotionas modality that scientifically proven be be effective and significantly impacts performance – mental, emotional and physical. Similar ancient spiritual practices exist around the globe in the history.of our world.’
By Reinhard Gammenthaler


‘Meditation is a mind and body work to transform thoughts and feelings for greater self empowerment.’ It is part of many ancient spiritual principles and practices anywhere in the world in all human history. It is proven to be effective in various scientific studies.
From BBC