Healing Practice

How to start

Book a free call

30 min initial call to learn about each other and understand if we can work together. This call is free of charge.

Discover your needs

Situation analysis. We will talk about your challenges and what you would like to achieve or change.

Choose your plan

For your preferred healing duration, I will create a set of treatment methods that are best for you to start with, and you can always extend.

Healing Plans

Everybody is unique. Your healing path is tailored to your unique needs.
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CHF 690

3 sessions

1.5 months

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CHF 1,150

5 sessions

3 months

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CHF 2,300

10 sessions

6 months

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You might want to ask or be offered to take the following advantages, or it can be something different too, what would help you the most.

Action plan

Together we define simple and easy to follow steps. Like watering seeds – the action plan helps you to see your results to grow and to achieve your goals. How to move on? And what if you had some good help here?

Healthy eating

Good nutrition helps your body to work its best, recover from illness or injury, to sleep well and feel good. There are simple rules to follow. Would you like to choose some of them and to focus on?

Mental & emotional self defence

We are fascinated by martial arts leaders. It goes beyond the discipline of the body. It’s about mastering mind and spirit too. What are their secret powerful tools and exercises on self protection? Hands-on and pocket size please?

Best timing for your business

Wind, ebb and flow depend on the moon and the sun. It impacts life on earth and us. Gravitation and seasons of other planets influence our lives too. What’s on when planning your business in harmony with these forces?

Accelerate your self-empowering

Together we discuss and interpret potential “messages” (meaning) of your body and how they related to a specific health related condition. Are you ready to reflect possible growth opportunities?

United hemispheres of brain

We work with balancing both hemispheres of the brain to neutralise limiting programmes and to make space for constructive ones. So that new changes from the subconscious mind move into your conscious mind and become your reality. How does this work?

Feng Shui for business & home

There’s a way how to live in harmony with the principles of nature. Placing things and objects change the energy flow at home and work. Can you imagine working in an efficient and productive office place? Or living in a harmonious home?