Healing Have More Fun.

M.B., stage performer, 30 y., Geneva.

I was suffering from chronic pain after my hip surgery. I thought it would disappear with the time. Yet the pain was still there and things gotten worse. Since Alexandra performed healings, also with distant healing, I felt strong sensations in my body. Something was shifting. More than that I learned healing affirmations and visualisation techniques to ignite my self-healing. Doctors were surprised how fast my recovery went and how I could almost get rid of pain.

I Breath Healing.

F.L., executive in pharma, 60 y, Basel.

I was told that I have asthma. So I had to inhale chemical substances. Imagine how surprised I was when Alexandra showed me a very simple breathing technique that I was  “prescribed’ to do.  I was shocked when I realised that my perceived-to-be asthma magically disappeared after the second day of following Alexandra’s advice. Mind blowing! Years back – I only smile thinking that I had asthma in my life.

Healing For a Brighter Shine.

D.B., executive in finance, 35 y, Sydney.

I had some dark, heavy and sad years of my life behind me. My body developed painful heart palpation and hey fever, gluten- and lactose intolerances. Through my work with Alexandra I felt lighter and at peace.One day pain and all three allergies were not there anymore. The bonus track was that I shed 10 kg and stayed this weight. I believe I’m transforming into a better husband now. I got promoted and started my own side hustle to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship.  I’m saying ‘yes’ to my life.

My Healing is Mine.

C.S., employee, 45 y., Zurich.

I had a phobia of snakes. Just looking at pictures of snakes terrified me. Even a drawing of a snake elicited a gut –wrenching feeling. I worked with hypnosis and affirmations, yet the fear was still there. By the end of my work with Alexandra I felt my fear changed. Last time when I saw a snake in our garden my husband couldn’t believe how calm I was.

My World Waited for Healing.

G.B., business owner, 30 y, Zurich.
I was drawn to Alexandra to find out the chance of healing chronic monthly pain I had been striving to treat with different methods for more than a decade. What I hadn’t bargained for in Alexandra’s energy healing was a deep and profound uncovering of unconscious emotional trauma that had contributed to years of pain. The incredible relief I have experienced as a result of our work is nothing less than miraculous!

Decoding Signals Is Simple with Healing.

I.H,, vocational training expert, 35 y, St. Gallen.

I was looking for some help to understand my dreams. My dreams are vivid and I was convinced they have meaningful messages for me. Yet working with the common methods of dream interpretation did not help. With Alexandra’s help I know whom and what to look out in my dreams. I started journaling to decode messages I receive from the subconscious mind. Just love it!